// mikado with love

My best friend is Maaike Bakker.
Yes, we have the same name.
Plus one more a. A-okay :)

She's awesome and pretty and motherflippen talented and she's my bestest friend in the whole entire world! We've been best maatjies for more than 15 years since back when we were sharing and exchanging pretty and shiny and glitsy stickers from our sticker albums in primary school. Oooh did you guys ever have those soft fury ones? I loved those!

So today I'm showing her off:
Mikado is a sibling-collaboration - Maaike and her sweet sister Benieke Lennox (welovepictures photographed Benieke's wedding here)!
Together these two pretty sister brains come up with some seriously sweet designs to make your walls look awesome.
And now my home is the sticker album.

Mikado's website launched last week and I've been super excited to blog this one!
And guess who took the pictures :)

Mater, ich bin sooooo stolz auf dich xx

Friends, head over to their website and get your wall something for Christmas!

Okay, bye!

P.S See my sticker album home here and here.


pictures by lovemademedoit


  1. I have been lusting over the stuff on their site all week. Seriously lovely. I want the bunny, the russian dolls and the arrows. Yay!

  2. These are flipping awesome!!!! xx

  3. the decals are so awesome!! I love the rabbit in particular. But that chair... I am madly in love with that chair!!

  4. gorgeous! love the rain drops & cloud! xo

  5. Really want the red heart.

    Ps - stunning blog - just discovered you :)