// home is by the sea

As promised... here are a few pictures from our new home by the sea :)

Meet our two naughty brakkies the Beard and Noodle. They are absolutely loving the beach life! :)

how sweet is the 'HOME' mat? I found it at a random Garden Centre in Cape Town for a silly cheapie price!


I love our yellow door... It was black when we moved in and depressed us both so we painted it yellow! :)
And our '17 Maison McNeill' vinyl sticker was a home-warming present by none other than my awesome bff (check her stuff out here!). Lucky me!


This sweet card is by one of my favouritest local superstars Heather Moore // skinny laminx


How sweet is this vase my oulik husband got for me 'and he loved her...'
I think he really does x


I hope you enjoyed my mini tour - unfortunately there's still loads to do!

Be back soon with more :)

Happy weekend!

// home

Oh my, I think I just died. Oulikness-overload.

Check out the original version by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes here

// just because I heart it



from etsy.com


// hello friends! and sneak peek of our new huisie x

Oh wow - and it's a new year!

Friends --- H-U-G-E apologies for being a non-existent blogger in the last month. I've missed it so! And thank you for all the comments and worried 'are you coming back's :) It reminded me that there is life beyond my own. Our new life since the move has been exciting and new and frustrating and sweet! A bit like a scary rollercoaster ride - exhilirating and fun, but at the same time you want it to stop so you can get off :)

Married life has been especially interesting. Travis and I have ticked off quite a few points on the 'hard things you'll encounter in your marriage' list. Moving in the craziest time of the year, shooting through our first busy and fully booked season, often doing two weddings in a row in different parts of the country, unpacking boxes, fighting about where the sofa should go, living through ten days with the mum-in-law, making new X-mas traditions, crying through final good-bye's to best friends, and then still making time for each other and coming together to go to HIM. It's been very interesting.

I've had an incredible and surprising interest in our new house, including the awesome guys from Design*Sponge, which we're super excited about! Unfortunately it is a real slow-go since we're absolutely swamped with work :( The two rooms that are to be the welovepictures studios are still crammed full of unpacked boxes. I finally unpacked my last summer dress yesterday. I still haven't found my Juicer...But I decided to at least give you all a quick sneak peek of what we've been up to. Luckily Travis has been obsessed with his new iPhone which means loads of pictures from the last month - lucky me! :)

I promise to do a proper tour in the next few weeks - with proper pictures. We're photographers, not iPhotographers :)

much love!