// love makes me package it x

I love packaging.
I've been having a lot of fun with our DVD Box Sets, which are the final treated pictures that go to our awesome clients as the 'final product'. We always design with the specific client in mind, but I've been 'ribbon-ing' and 'bow-ing' and 'tag-ing' them to make them even more awesome and special for our new friends. These two guys are now on their way to Cape Town and the UK, so I hope they make it to the other side looking this pretty x



// love collector

Just a few things I've been collecting for our wedding:



Plates: from various junk shops, jumble sales and Antique Fairs (one happening this Saturday 1st May at Melrose House, PTA), from all over the country.

S&P Shakers: The Play blocks are from In Good Company and the swans are a present from a client. The rest are from junk shops and Antique Fairs.



// Vintage Love : Sneak Peek

Meet De Wet and Jonet: two of the coolest, awesomest, friendliest, Jesus-loving people we've ever met. They got married on rainy, cold and wet Easter weekend, but you could tell that they are one of Jesus favourites - the weather turned out glorious just in time for the wedding! Not only are these two stylish & awesome people Jesus-lovers, but they also have a love for everything vintage. Jonet collected the most awesomest little vintage bits and pieces and even her girls showed off a bit of cheeky vintage knickers. More of this wedding soon-soon on our welovepictures blog! x
P.S Jonet' bouquet had the ribbon that her granny and her mum used on their bouquets as well as her own ribbon tied around it. How awesome is that?! I just love fellow sentimentalists!





// This is where I spend most of my days...


All creatives do it.

They blog about their workstation.

It's such a designery thing to do, isn't it.

I think mine is the awesomest :)



// love tray - day #1

We've been so busy with work, the wedding and getting tattoos (tattoo post coming up, just to keep you on your toes) that I've completely neglected my blog. But today I was busy with this thing I started for our wedding when Travis suggested that I should document my progress... so it gave me the idea to blog about it.

This is our love tray.


I am a very sentimental and nostalgic dream head. So this means that I have kept all sorts of little notes, pictures (duh) and random corks, ceramic birds and heart-shaped stones that have any kind of link to Travis and my awesome love (yep, it's pretty awesome).


And now I've decided to finally put them all together into a kind of artwork/display, i.e a vintage printers tray. This way we get to share it all with our friends and family at our wedding, plus it guarantees none of my sentimental gems will be thoughtlessly chucked away on moving day!

I have quite a way to go still, so will keep you updated on my progress! x


// my bokkies

Meet Travis and Bokkie. They are the two things that I love most in my life. Our Bokkie is playing fetch with Jesus now, but I am now able to smile when I see a picture of her. And there are a lot of pictures - she was like our first child x
This picture was taken by our awesome friend Kate when Travis and Bokkie were down in Cape Town. I was in Europe at the time and missed out on this. Travis also usually looks a bit less hobo-ish ... you can tell I wasn't around. Even so, I think this has become one of my favourite pictures. I think I want to
print it really big for our new home by the sea. x



// beautiful people make beautiful pictures

I just had to share these pictures we took at our friends' wedding the other day. Leslie must be one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. I do say that to all the brides that I photograph, but I mean it every time. And Seps also looked absolutely gorgeous! :P For more of this wedding visit our welovepictures blog! x