// Jen is 30!

Travis and I made a suprise Smile Booth for our friend Jen's golden-themed 30th birthday party last weekend.
We danced our bums off.
And then we made a little video.
Of everyone dancing their bums off.



// Current Obsessions # 01

This is my second post in one week.
Thank you for all the sweet comments welcoming me back - so happy right now :)

Today I'm doing my first 'Current Obsessions' feature, with many-many more to come, I hope :)
Although I'm someone who loves colour, I've really been enjoying the scandi-inspired monochrome trend. If someone gave me loads of Ronds and plenty of free time, I'd re-do our home and buy all these pretty things. And add little pops of colour, of course :)

1. Instagram by A Merry Mishap  2. These Painted rocks. 3. This sweet Cat and Girl Tote Bag 4. Feathers in a bedroom from A Merry Mishap 5. Marimekko ceramics 6. A swedish kitchen via Emmas Designblogg 7. Man and Woman Tea Towels by depeapa 8. Conversions tea towel available from West Elm 9. This hand-printed mug  10. A swedish kitchen via Basic Label Sweden 11. The Bono Monochrome Cup Set 12. Semi Circles Decorative Tape  from Seventy Tree 13. This beautiful home office from Weekday Carnival 14. This clutch by OneElevenStudio  15. Instagram by A Piece Of Cake 16. This Nordic House Cushion from OyOy 17. This jug via Project Decor 18. sweet room from A Merry Mishap.


// New beginnings

Hello, hi.
Here I am.

I've been on a fun adventure and finally found my way back to my blog.
What do you guys think of the new look? :)

For those of you that have been following me for a while and have been wondering where I am, this is for you :)

I've been on a lovely and exhausting and beautiful and overwhelming adventure that is marriage and welovepictures. A while back there was talk of me working part-time, which would've allowed me to blog more. This never happened. The last wedding season took up all my time, attention and energy and I ended up ignoring my blog. All the spare time I had I invested in hanging out with friends, climbing mountains or making out with my husband :)

But this has all changed now.
For realsies.
I am now officially working 'part-time' for welovepictures and I have muuuuuch more free time.
We're still finding our feet, and since I still shoot and do all the admin, my free time is limited.
But blogging is on top of the list. So you'll be seeing more of me :) Oh yes.

So in celebration of new beginnings I'm blogging about this sweet little wreath I made for my amazing friend Karin. Karin and Craig got engaged on Sunday! Oh yes! And I have not been able to stop smiling. They are so good together.
Father did good, He did so good.

On Monday we went to have dinner with Karin & Craig and Karin's family.
Karin, like me, is a German South-African and we have a love for all our sweet 'sunshine' German traditions. The wreath is a 'Verlobungs Kranz' (and engagement wreath), given to the bride-to-be on the day of her engagement :)
Love made me do it. 

Congratulations again, my Kazie and Craig! Oh man - your wedding is going to be amazzzzing! 

'With Grace in her heart and flowers in her hair' - Mumford & Sons