// LO give away - last day to enter!


Friends! Today is the verrrrry last day that you can enter this LOvely give-away from LO and walk away in one of these sweet outfits!

You can check the competition 'rules' over here, but you pretty much just have to comment with a damn good reason why I shouldn't cheat, and draw my own name out of the hat, but give YOU that voucher!



all pictures by lovemademedoit


  1. my body is super special and important to me - i'm super lucky it's in working order. just because it's so good to me i'd love to clothe it in some amazingness that is LO!


  2. well, i am three months pregnant, and at the moment i really need a summery dress that will skim over my bloated looking tummy and keep me cool in this durban heat! but i have no money for one as i've spent everything on xmas gifts for my loved ones!

  3. Please pick me! After struggling with my weight basically my entire life I have finally managed to get control. I have lost 15.5kg's and am in desperate need of clothing that fits. I am sure you understand that building a new wardrobe is going to cost me a very pretty penny and any freebeez would be so welcome. Not to mention that LO clothing is dead lust worthy! Love your blog. I re-blogged & tweeted http://bit.ly/uwTDhj

  4. because I need a reason to come to CT:) {okay, I don't really need a reason, but this will make my next trippie so much better}

  5. my husband and i are about to set off on a trip around the world and i want to advertise our amazing south african talent in every country we visit! www.offtheline.co.za

  6. this has nothing to do with the competition, but I like your blog and just thought I'd tell you. I was too lazy to find where the normal commenting place was. hehe. kapow! amanda