// wedding wednesday (*a day late)

Yesterday was Wedding Wednesday and I didn't get a chance to blog. So I decided to at least do a wedding-related post today.

I've been making little presents for my bridesmates and my mate of honour (note: we changed maid to mate since they're not meant to be slaves... although I'll make sure they work for my friendship x) and I've been itching to blog about this one. I gave it to my best-mate-side-kick-for-the-last-10-years-bff yesterday so now I can finally share it!


Isn't her dress lovely?
They all have the same one but in deifferent colours. And the fabric is very similar to the fabric of my dress. Oh I can't wait to see them all dressed up!
I've been collecting old wooden hangers and then I just personalized them with a bit of washi tape and some scrabble. And on the back of the hanger I scribbled a love letter xxx


// exactly.


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// we've been pinned!

Monday morning, I'm still waking up. Sipping my coffee and browsing pinterest. And suddenly I'm wide awake - we've been pinned! Yay! It's not as awesome as beeing ffffound, but pretty cool nonetheless. And the best part is that it's been pinned into a style-file with the header ' I want that bow in my hair!' Our awesome friend Terese from Nooi will be stoked to hear that :) x


// wow (words of wisdom) sunday

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// wedding wednesday

I thought I should do regular wedding-related posts, and since Wednesday is the day that Travis and I do everything wedding-related, I thought's it is only fitting. Today I'll only share a few pretty pretty pictures that I have saved in my wedding-data-base since Travis and I got engaged almost a year ago. But I hope to do more subject-related posts in the next few weeks (only 10 more weeks!).

I absolutely love this Forget Me Not Wedding Gown by Sarah Seven.


I've been collecting suitcases, since we have a bit of a traveling theme with us moving to Cape Town after the wedding. And they are just beautiful. And since we are starting our new journey as husband and wife. I'm planning on filling them with blooming plants and stacking them on top of each other.
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Since we'll be getting married in a field, I hope the atmosphere in the evening will be similar to this.

(image via Oh Happy Day!

I love how they used doilies here...
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// words to live by


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// super cute love shoot

We photographed these super cute guys the other day because they needed some pictures for their wedding invite. To see more, visit our welovepictures blog x


// oh my did I need a change!

I'm the kind of girl that buys a pair of shoes and wears them for a week and then they gather dust in my cupboard until I decide to throw them out.
I change my image on my desktop once a week.
I get my tattoos where I can't see them because I know I'll get bored with them.
I re-arrange our home once a week.
I think the only thing I don't get sick of is Travis.
Uh... maybe I should say he's the only thing I wouldn't want to exchange for a better one :)

But don't worry, you didn't mess up your bookmarks and this is still the love made me do it blog - just the prettier, better and more good-looking version...

or at least until I get bored again x


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// save the date

I never got the chance to blog about our 'save the date', since I only started blogging after they had already been sent out. Travis did a quick post about it on our welovepictures blog, but I thought I'd share it again, just because I love it. x




// too cute.

I stumbled on this on pinterest today. It made me smile. Although I would never do that, and I think Travis would also rather tattoo my name on his bum :) But I thought it's quite cute even though it's a tiny bit corny. And I'm always suprised at how many photographer-teams there are out there. Just the perfect fit I suppose :P

I think I actually like the guys' tattoo more though. I also like his thought process behind it. Check it out here. x



// the ideal world...


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// wedding invites

Oh I love Rifle Paper Co. She just has the coolest and freshest style ever. Every time I see her work, I smile.
Our friend, Gerhard, is making our invites and I can't flippen wait to see what he comes up with. I'm sure it's gonna be absolute happiness! Will definitely blog about it, once they've been sent out (we're posting them all, hope they all make it.) Check out his blog for now! x

// wow (words of wisdom) sunday

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// studio violet

I just absolutely love these! I want every single plate! And they have the cutest stamps too! oh my.

// tea please

I think this must be the cutest tea set I have ever seen. I want one! x





// oh my

I literally cooed out loud when I saw this.

the hair. the dress. wow.


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// oh i love bunting

I am absolutely in love with anything bunting... I think it must be the little girl in me that just wants to play house-house in a tepee and drink imaginary tea out of tiny baby porcelain cups and lie in a field of flowers and make up cloud animals x


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// save jake

Meet Jake. He’s a English Cocker Spaniel who was rescued by a girl called Anna from what could have been a miserable existence. But sadly, Jake has mast cell cancer, and although this is a common cancer for dogs, its aggressive and can be dangerous, so he needs surgery. So Anna, who is a talented seamstress, has started the buy an apron, save jake campaign to help fund this costly surgery.
I’m in – I mean what’s a little apron to save the love of Anna’s life?
Let's save Jake!


// in three months...

I'll be getting married!

I'm really getting excited now (not that I wasn't before - haha!). But I'm seeing it all come together now, whereas before it was a bit daunting. Organising a wedding - your own wedding - is flippen insane ... especially if you're as conrol-freak and idea-specific as me.

I found this on pinterest, and it got me excited all over again. I can't wait! Yay! x





// Sneak Peak: Casey & Richard the Sailor

Remember I blogged about the two awesomely cute sisters and I said we're shooting the one's wedding? Well, Casey got married to Richard the Sailor a couple weeks back and I thought it's time for a sneak peak...
This was one of the coolest weddings ever!
More coming on our welovepictures blog soon-soon, promise!



// i feel a little like this today...