//sneak peek - mikado accessories

I did a merch shoot for my awesomest bestest friend Maaike from Mikado the other day. I've blogged about her accessories before, check her blog out here. She's planning on doing a website so I got to take all the photos for it. This is just a little sneak peek of what's to come (she hasn't even seen these herself... oops) x

//i can't wait for winter!!!

I hate winter. It's grey, it's dead and it's not pretty. It does not snow. I hate being cold and uncomfortable and the fact that South African homes are not equipped for the cold. I hate having to sit with blankets and scarves at my mac and hope my brain doesn't freeze.

But for today only, I am excited about winter...
Because I will get to wear these!
I am so getting my gran to make me a pair!

//i heart flowers

Loooook how pretty!
My awesome husband-to-be spoilt me today...
just b
ecause I love flowers! x


//pillow talk...

Firstly, excuse the super corny title, but once I thought of it I just couldn't think of anything else.

Now the story...
Today I caught my two puppies, Noodle and the Beard, in the act of chewing my awesome IKEA duvet cover (image below - note: before the two hounds chewed it).

Luckily the European standard double-bed duvet sizes are over-sized on the South African duvets... so I can fix it. However, that doesn't mean that I didn't smack them silly and ended up feeling like an abusive mother. And this is also unfortunately not the first time this has happened - all my pillows don't have corners and look really trailer trash. The hounds seem to have a specific appetite for linen - pillows, throws, towels and as it turns out IKEA duvet covers). So this was all happening while I was on my "lunch-break"... I work from home so "lunch break" means get up and walk away from my Mac and do something awesome. However todays event got me so worked up I ended up back at my Mac, frantically searching for a solution to stop them from chewing my linen. I was desperate - even if it means I have to sew nasty pleather pillows. Which is when I found this:

And it cheered me up. Especially when I read this on their site and I quote: "Pillowig" is hand made wearable pillow comforting trieness of people in daily lives, enabling users to sleep comfortably whenever and whenever they’d like. When user test is done in public spaces - subway, airplane, library, class room and laundromat, viewers commented: “I would like to have it for my trip.”, “Very funny.” “This is practical, but a laugh, too." And then I decided to spend the rest of my "lunch-break" researching awesome pillows. And then I found this awesome i-sleep pillow which I really want to get for Travis.

And a few more which I will share tomorrow...

I hope they made you smile because they made me go from "abusive, swearing dog owner" to "giggling, happy pillow lover" x


//pretty pretty bling

I just had to share some of this awesome jewellery...
I've been looking around for some neat jewellery for the big day and I came across some awesome stuff. The first two images are from awesome local vendors, Skermunkel (Cape Town based, check out her blog here) and Mikado (my BFF, lucky me, check out her blog here). Then of course there is the awesome Victoria Mason and Scoutholiday from ETSY.


// home sweet home

Since we are moving to Cape Town after the wedding, I thought that it's about time I photograph my home. Between all the wedding planning and work I know I wouldn't find the time, so I'm glad I can tick that box off. Travis and I have turned this beautiful little house in Sunnyside into our home, it would be such a shame if we didn't have pictures from this time. I just photographed some of my favourite little things all around the house x


// I suppose this makes me a blogger...

I've finally decided to create my own blog. I love blogs. I wake up in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee and a light a cigarette, and then I read blogs... until I'm awake enough to start working. Yes, don't ask me why I only decided to get myself one of these bad boys now? I suppose reading about other awesome people and their lives is more interesting than writing about my own. Thought I had to share this as my first post, since I should maybe take it as good advice x