// SARIE Bruid - and guess who's on the cover?

Friends! Do you remember my happy-dances back in March when I heard that our wedding would be featured in the new issue of the SARIE Bruid?
Now imagine the happy dances we were doing in our tiny Motel room in Portland, Oregon three weeks ago when the editor mailed us this!
We are on the cover! Eeeeeeeek!!!
We are so blessed!
The yearly issue of the SARIE Bruid has hit the shelves in SA and is available at most Exclusive Books, CNA's and major book stores! Plus it features four weddings we shot in the last year, so exciting :) Be sure to get a issue - it's a lovely mag!



But we are already away from it all...

I just don't want to return to it all.


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// just a quick 'ello 'ello!

Hello friends!
I don't have too much time to post anything special, so for now I'm just posting a little peak of the honeymooners living it up in America.
We found this sweet forest with beautiful light and since we can't do the corny tourist picture of us sticking our heads together and holding the camera in front of us, we ended up just photographing each other :)
We just returned from our 14-day road-trip around the American West Coast and we're still sifting through all of the images, but I promise to post some more pictures soon-soon!
Pinkie-promise! x