// Bicycle Portraits - a photographic Book

I met Nic Grobler a while ago and then I spent a weekend in Bettys Bay with him and some other maatjies.
He is now my maatjie too.
Which is why I pre-ordered 'Bicycle Portraits - a photographic Book'.
That and because this is one of the coolest projects of all time.

Nic, together with his other maatjie, Stan (African Salad), have been cycling through South Africa, photographing people and their bicycles, over two years.

"When they started the project, Bicycle Portraits aimed to be a study of South African commuter culture, and they wanted to find out who rides bicycles, why they ride bicycles, if and why they love their bicycles, and of course why so few South Africans choose bicycles as a transport option. But Bicycle Portraits has turned into a portrait of a nation through the bicycles that they own and ride every day - revealing all manner of social, class, historical and cultural nuances never imagined. " (www.dayonepublications.com)

Told you, coolest project of all time.

Okay now, click click click here and order your copies of Bicycle Portraits now!
No, it's not a typo... copies. Yep, three books. Three!
Oh my, I can't wait to get my hands on mine!

And please hurry friends, the kickstarter is only running for 7 more days!
Support the coolest project of all time!
love made me do it x



  1. Thanks for the awesome post!
    I just click click clicked and pre-ordered my set of three books:) It will arrived just in time for my birthday too! YAY!

  2. Brilliant post, love I the pictures. Will place my order too !