Deep Dark Africa is a lovely place.

I don't know about you, but I hate wanting the stuff I can't have. Especially since the things I want are usually just out of reach... meaning they're on the other side of the big pond. Luckily the Internet somewhat helps to overcome this problem, but with South Africa's shocking postal services and South Africans in general being somewhat skeptical about the whole Interweb Shopping experience (never mind the instant satisfaction of walking into a shop), I always find myself grumpily surfing UO and Etsy, ending the session with a frustrated and depressed sigh.

Luckily I have visited my German land a few times which always allowed me to stock up on some great items from ZARA and IKEA and the likes. I have a few lovely vintage finds that I dug up in a 2nd Hand Shop in Berlin that I doubt will ever leave my closet.
With our trip to Canada and the USofA (yay!) only a few weeks away my frustrated sighs have turned into 'coooooooeees' and 'aaaaaah's of delight and excitement.
I. am. so. frikken. excited.

But today I stumbled on this.
Deep Dark Africa.
It made me realise that many of things that we want are often right in front of our noses.
It was so awesome to have a virtual experience of this shop (plus it made me wonder how many people from the other side are desperately wanting what we have in this deep, dark and lovely place called Afrika). It's pretty awesome I think.
Check it out.