// more good news

After receiving so many compliments for our own 'Save-the-date' idea and design, we have decided to expand our services and from now on we will be offering 'Save-the-date' and 'Invitation' design too. This is our first (well, second actually) attempt, thought it's pretty oulik for our first (uh.. ) go. Please let me know what you guys think! x



// good news!

I felt like the happiest bride-to-be after I found In Good Company. I have been getting really frustrated and I was ready to give up on so many of my wedding ideas and plans... but then I found these guys! They're stuff ranges from super cute bunting flags to awesome vintage-inspired games, both of which I obviously immediately ordered. Plus, they have an awesome range of the most beautiful linen, decor and tableware for hire! And honestly, don't be intimidated by their size, the customer service is personal and really great! Plus, they have a showroom in Sandton (which I'll be raiding in the next week) where they are hiding more awesome stuff that's not featured on their site. Do yourself a favour and head over to their awesome site and blog for some good company! x



//sibling love

Meet Casey and Kim.

We had the awesome pleasure to photograph these two absolutely gorgeous and insanely 'oulik' sisters last week. And what fun we had! We just set up 'camp cuteness' in a field ('our' field - we'll be getting married there... soooo pretty!) and then we just snapped away. These two were so easy to photograph; we really didn't have to do much. And the sibling love they share makes me wanna pick up the phone and tell my sister how much I love her. x

P.S We are shooting Casey's wedding in May, which I'm confident will blow you all away x


// It's Friday!

Thought this is hilarious! x



//domestic candy

Wow. I just stumbled upon this awesome German blog and I absolutely fell in love! These are the times I feel proud of the german-ness in me. Some of the most inspiring domestic love I have seen in a while. Head over to Kerstin's blog for some domestic candy.


// scrabble love

I've been collecting wooden Scrabble sets for the wedding. I have the crazy idea of being able to spell out every single guests name for the table seating. There are 120 guests. I'm crazy.


I scored two more sets at the hospice yesterday... they're quite rare you know. So I played around with some ideas and I ended up photographing this. Not too sure how I will apply this for the wedding but it made me smile nonetheless. x


//jay a baby!

My awesome friend-big-brother-housemate-rene-guy is gonna be a daddy! This is the mummy- & daddy-to-be...

Haha! I thought this image is great! Look at their faces... and the heinekens :P

I'm super excited! I'm gonna be the god-mother (I have told them...) and she is gonna wear the cutest outfits (not pink though) and it's gonna be awesome. Jay for Rene and Roishin x


//i heart proteas

I love proteas. I have them all over the house. I love their colour. I love their shape. If they had a scent, I'm sure I would love that too. Travis actually planned on proposing at a protea farm. He ended up proposing in our favourite park... the Protea Park.
The protea was named after a Greek god Proteus who could change his form at will. It was discovered by botanists in the 1600 in the Cape of Good Hope... which is where we are moving after the wedding!
I've kept almost every single protea I've ever bought or been given. They are even more beautiful when they are dead... except that they lose their awesome colour. My friend asked me to photograph them for her
(she kinda forced me into it...x). She's in her final year in Textiles and is planning on using them for some designs. I've actually wanted to photograph them for a while, but never found the time. I'm so glad she made me do it x



// awesome city love wedding

My awesome friend Lauren got married to my awesome friend AB. They are really awesome. I am very blessed to call them my awesome friends.

This is my awesome friend Lauren on the way to her wedding. She took a bus into our awesome city to get married at the awesome Capitol Theatre. We were there to document this awesome marriage of these two awesome people. It reminded us of how truly awesome they, and the love they have for each other, are. x

Check out welovepictures blog for more pictures from this awesome wedding.


We had this photobooth setup at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Travis and I just HAD to try out the brown paper bag. Don't you wish some days you could just step outside wearing one of these? x



Meet Fulka. We went to see them play last week Thursday at the rustic theatre where they opened for awesome Dear Reader. It was their first show as a four-piece band. Needless to say they rocked us all away. Check them out at Tings n Times on the 23rd March!