LOvemademedoit LOves LO

Oh my oh my oh my!
I am so excited about today, friends!
I was like a little kid this morning, all giddy and buzzing. I woke up at 5h00, wondering if anyone would read my post at 5am but then I realized I kinda need my beauty sleep :)

But now today is here - hooray!
Drumroll please... and welcome to my very first 'I like you' feature!

Friends, meet my awesome and insanely talented maatjie Elzanne LOuw from LO Studio.
I am so happy to show her off today!


Zani, or Zani-pants, as I like to call her, makes the sweetest cLOthes.
And yes, she makes great pants.
And tops, and skirts and sweet-sweet summer dresses!

The LO Studio is based in the Woodstock Industrial Centre here in Cape Town, which is where Zani spends most of her time designing, creating, making, sewing and thinking up all these pretty little things.
I went to visit her in her studio yesterday to photograph her and her sweet studio.
Oh what a happy place - no wonder her fashion label is taking off like a motherfrikken Jet plane!
LO clothing is available from the Neighbour Goods Market in Jo'burg and from Zani's studio in Cape Town. She will also be at the You & Me & Everyone We Know Market on the 16th of December at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. Her Summer range will also soon be available from a selection of independent shops countrywide. Ladies, keep your pretty fashion-eyes peeled for LOvely fresh coral bursts and light and fLOwey greys - summer happiness in one little outfit!


Since today's feature is the very-very first and hence a very-very special feature (the fact that I just used the word 'hence' proves just how special it is), we are sharing some LOve and handing out high-5's and a R350 LOaded voucher!

Eeeek! Yessss!
This is lovemademedoit's first give-away and man oh man I'm bouncing off the walls!
Okay, so all you guys need to do is comment with your e-mail address and a good reason why you think you deserve to be LOaded. Then you also have to drop in and say helLO over at the LO website and like their facebook page.

And then because we really want you guys to be LOaded and look awesome, we're also giving away one of those sweet brooches! I know right?! They're so cute!
One lucky lady will be walking away with a R350 LOaded voucher in her pocket and a sweet brooch on her chest and a smile as big as mine!


The LO give-away is running from today until the 14th December, which means one of you will be wearing a pretty damn cute outfit for Christmas.
Yikes, I hope this works! Otherwise Zani-pants and I will cry and get mascara all over her pretty coral-coloured tops and then she'll be broke because who wants to buy black-smudged coral tops.
Love you guys x

Oh and if you re-blog or tweet this you'll get a free entry (just make sure you let me know so I can chuck your name in the hat again)!

Good luck friends!

Okay bye!

all pictures by lovemademedoit


  1. anyone else thinking Scarlet Johanson as a brunette ? Hello beautiful woman. And hello beautiful label, will go and love all over them now!

    xo em

  2. i need a cute outfit for christmas, that's me :)

  3. I recently got myself one of LO tops, its really beautifully made. And she has the coolest hangers! Liked the facebook page!

  4. Woweeeeee Maiks, your friend is so pretty! And her clothes are so pretty. And you look so pretty wearing that pretty coral top and holding those pretty vouchers. Now pretty pretty please may I have one :)

  5. Oh me, oh my! Wowzers! What a beautiful lady/label Ms Lo :)
    Maike, I can't wait to see what you like next!

  6. What LOvely designs! Eeeeek... that coral top is gorgeous and I'm in love with the grey skirt on the Lo site!

    { I deserve to win a voucher, because I've been a fan of "Love made me do it" for a long time and I'm in desperate need of a new item in my closet... I got married in April and haven't really shop since. Setting-up a home can be expensive! }


  7. Oh woweeeeeee. What a great idea and competition. I have been broke and cold in London at the moment, lusting over pretty clothes on the internet. I am coming back to SA in a week and I cannot wait! I would love to have a cute outfit for the sunny days that lay ahead. X

  8. i would love to love it on my dearest...

  9. Such stunning stuff - I'm in absolute lust! I need something that's not only super cute but proudly South African to show off to the American boyfriends family and friends when I visit them for Christmas. Would be great to answer "Where did you get this stunning top/dress from?" with "This belongs to a fantasic South African designer called LO" International marketing at its best ;) whoo hoo! (kate@weddingconcepts.co.za)

  10. So LO and behold.
    There once was a label called LO.
    The dresses and clothes were so fLOw
    I love to look pretty
    so I made up this ditty
    to try win my bod some LO to gLOw.


  11. ps I also tweeted about it, coz I'm nice like that @tessatuttle

  12. Loving your "I like you" concept and keen to follow!! Gorgeous clothing, beautiful friend, amazing-ness giveaway!! I dont have any goood reasons as to why i should nab a voucher apart from "I Want" Lo's range is just too gorgeous and am definitely stopping by the market at Labia in Dec - telling all my friends - Yeah!! Keep rocking both Lo (Elzanne) and Maike!

  13. Congratulations on your first giveaway! WOOP WOOP!

  14. Successfully tweeted as well!

  15. i liked them on facebook and commented on the bloggy blog :) i'd love to win so i can get an awesome new new year's outfit to celebrate my first one as a legal drinking adult!

  16. Maike, this post is gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as Zani's clothes! I would be the luckiest creature ever if i were to swan about on Christmas Eve starry-eyed + in love with what I am wearing from LO...

  17. Pants. Now my internet went down and I don't know if my comment was submitted. So, as I am so eager to win this competition, I am commenting again. Just in cases......

    I lo lo love LO. I would love to win!



    After a tough year, I successfully completed my degree @ Open Window with my major in photography and video.

    It would be great to have some pretty new clothes to wear to celebrate a new and exciting chapter in my life!!

    Blog post: http://farbeyondtheclouds.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/lo-fashion-studio/

  19. Oh, why don't I live in South Africa!

  20. LOvely! Beginning of the year I left beautiful Cape Town for Rustenburg and I've been wasting my cool all year. Deprived of inspiration I am LOnging for a wearable piece of art to brighten up my days in the desolate streets of the North West and to feel like I carry a piece of home close to my heart. Oh, how I LOng for Cape Town! I think LO might soothe my h(LO)mesick heart. XXX rina.noto@gmail.com

  21. I am a LOst Joburg soul who has no fashion sense (or at least that is what my teenage sisters say ;-) I would LOve to show them i have real style while showing of a fantastic SA talent love Marcia Mizasiwa@gmail.com (PS I blogged about it too - not that I have many followers but I did ;-)

  22. Maike! Seeing as I might be making the big move to Cape Town in the new year, how cool would it be if I started off that new chapter in some awesome and trendy home grown designs!!? That would make the scary transition from Pretoria meisie to Cape Town badass so much better ;)
    LOts of LOve xox

  23. Since I can't grow a MO, I want some LO! Yes yes I know Movember is over with one day, but look I can rhyme and for that reason I think the voucher and brooch would love a new home in Switzerland! Visiting SA soon so then I can use the voucher :)

    Love your blog by the way!

    Elouna xx

  24. just lo - vely.

    so i have:

    like the page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LO/198479690189924?sk=wall

    commented here: http://www.lo-studio.biz/blog/2011/12/01/love-made-me-loaded/?comment_id=263728#comment_263728

    tweeted here:


    hopefully that's three entries.


  25. What a LOvely post Maike!! Really beautiful photos! I LOve LO!!what an amazing studio!

    I would really LOve to get LOaded with a LO voucher so i can get myself one of LO's LOvely summer dresses!


  26. What a lovely feature and giveaway. Count me in to win!I'm happy to bribe you with baked goods :)

  27. I also tweeted. Wunderbaar. @lolabythesea

  28. LO truly made me smile when I saw her lable. It brightened up my day just knowing that we have such incredible talent in our Mother City. Simply delightful!

  29. Pick meeee Pick meee! What a wonderful giveaway! Envisioning myself wearing these fabulous things on Christmas day! *WINK*
    Also tweeted giveaway!

  30. Awesome ! I love this, let me enter :)

  31. Hi there! This is my first time on your blog and already I love it. From one photography enthusiast to another: Your pictures are amaze! Looking forward to reading your blog for many moons to come :) Also, I did go and like the LO facebook page and winning this amazing prize would certainly make my day (and my summer)!

  32. this is SUCH and incredible giveaway. I'm on the hunt for a new job, and am certain I can land the perfect position if only I was dressed up in a LOvely outfit from LO!

  33. I just retweeted the competition and if my blog was done I would've done yet I would've reblogged as well :) (@AnsieAns)

  34. I don't have a reason why I should win it and someone else shouldn't. I just want to. That's all.

  35. Mundane tasks at the bank, looking at a sign that says 'how can we help you'. The answer, dear bank man, is with these marvelOus threads.

  36. Growing up, every year I'd get a 'Christmas dress' around this time of year, but since I got married and left home, I haven't...would LOve a voucher so I can treat myself to one of these this year!!
    Liked on FB & Tweeted - I'm all over it!

  37. pick me pick me pick me already.

    was that naughty to enter twice?

  38. I need to be LOaded because I am tired of all the clothes in my closet and these are so incredibly cute!!

  39. I'd love to win so I can add some sweetness to my wardrobe. Everything is so delicate and pretty!