// I like you... and you and you and YOU!

An idea has been brewing in my mind and this morning in my in-between-state of sleep and waking (not a pretty sight), it became the gorgeous and beautiful and amazingly-epic killer idea that made me jump out of bed and grab my journal.

As most of you know, I'm working part-time from next year so I've been playing around with the idea of possibly blogging more regular stuff, like I used to do, when I was planning our wedding. Wedding Wednesday was a little tough because, as I'm sure you guys have noticed, I'm not exactly the most diligent blogger and in fact one of the biggest procrastinators on this planet. So doing the weekly thing is a definite NEIN!

The out-of-bed-jumping idea is to do monthly features of people that I like!
It's brilliant!

And it will be called:
"I like you."
Clever hey? :)
And I already have the first special person for this feature roped in and I'm going to go photograph a pretty portrait of her and her studio space and the awesome stuff she makes that I like and yikes I hope this works!

Tuesday maatjies!
Tuesday is the day you drop in and see who the lucky lady is.
Plus, I have a liiiiiittle-biiiit of an awesome suprise for you, so see you Tuesday!

Okay bye!



  1. This is such a fantastic idea!!!! Seriously!! I love it!
    Can't wait for Tuesday.

  2. In LOVE with the girl-in-that-headdress pic.. The feathers and colors are simply stunning! Wow. :))