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Okay, I think I'm back.

Wow. I think I've been on quite a journey. I've become so used to blogging about everything and everyone that moves me, but the weeks after the wedding put me into a different space. Not a bad space at all, just a more contemplative space, a little private and intimate space, a space where I almost needed a time off from my blog. Weird, never thought I'd say that.

So, today I'm sharing our beautiful Thank-You cards with you, which was the last thing I did for our wedding. Which means that this part of my life is now officially over. And I say this not in a sad or depressed way, but in an overjoyed and excited way, because the best days are yet to come!

Thanks again for Gerhard van Wyk from This Pencil for being the best illustrator we know and for capturing our love for proteas and bunting and all things darling in his awesome illustrations! He also did our invites, check them out here. And again all praise goes to our super talented friend Otto Schulze for the beautiful pictures, he is the best wedding photographer, check him out!



  1. AWWW.. thats so sweet! Just stumbled upon your blog and loving it so much! <3 have a good weekend!

  2. awww...making me warm and fuzzy inside. awesome illustration and photograph...lovely thank you postcard i'm sure ur relatives and friends would appreciate! Congratulations to you two again and God bless your marriage with lots of love!

  3. Your blog is one of the few I have a "love at first sight". From the first page, I knew I would like it ifnot love it. I went a bit trough it, love the atmosphere you are bringing to it and hope you will start re-posting about every little details you love about you day.. or about love.

    Take care.


  4. These are so amazing and your wedding photos were simply stunning! Well done and congratulations :)
    I, too, just discovered your lovely blog and spent a looong time on it the other night...now I'm back for more!

  5. Oh WOW, this is absolutely stunning, the illustrations and photo work so well together. This is seriously amazing!x

  6. These are awesome! We are also newly married (2 October) and we are currently approving and printing our thank you notes! Ours are simple and not as creative as yours, but we LOVE them! Will post ours as soon as we get them from the printers...

    Enjoy every second of married life:)

  7. wow, this card is just soooo lovely and the two of you look so happy, that i just can't stop smiling :)

  8. Ooo, I saw these on Gerhard's website. So beautiful and unique. Well done, all round.