// the future is a wonderful place

I thought I was spoilt & ungrateful until my friend Casey told me she also suffered from post-wedding-depression (term proudly coined by my brides mate Mari). It made me feel normal again. And it made me realize that as much as I loved the hype around the wedding day - it is just one day. And marriage celebrates life together. For. Ever. x


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  1. Maike -
    I think a support group is in order.
    I cried my eyes out on the first day of my honeymoon (so silly in retrospect!), not because I was unhappy... but because I was so, so sad that this huge day I had been planning for months and months, was over!
    I did some research on post-nuptual depression and found people have done their doctorates on it... so it's perfectly normal to be sad about the fact that something that was THE MOST important thing on your mind for months(apart from your future husband of course) was actually over!
    Enjoy married life though, it's a joy!

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  3. I love your title. it's so bittersweet. paints a picture of this place you would love to be in,but at te same time makes it a little bit untangible....

    I might blog about this...