// hello long-lost maatjies

It has been a while.
Hello friends :)
So as you might have noticed my whole 'blog-and-work-from-home-housewife-adventure' didn't quite happen.
We've been working really hard, the season has us busy shooting pretty much every weekend.
In between shooting, editing and meetings, I try to hang out with friends, go for swims in reservoirs, do a little yoga, make a home and be a wife.
So that leaves little time for blogging.
Nevermind being a full-time housewife.
But that's okay.
I suppose that's just how grown-up life works out.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop my head in quick and say hi.
And I'm sorry I haven't been around too much.
And I won't be around much any time soon.
Which I'm super bummed about, but it's just worked out this way.
And it's okay.


image from Cubicle Refugee

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