// home is by the sea

As promised... here are a few pictures from our new home by the sea :)

Meet our two naughty brakkies the Beard and Noodle. They are absolutely loving the beach life! :)

how sweet is the 'HOME' mat? I found it at a random Garden Centre in Cape Town for a silly cheapie price!


I love our yellow door... It was black when we moved in and depressed us both so we painted it yellow! :)
And our '17 Maison McNeill' vinyl sticker was a home-warming present by none other than my awesome bff (check her stuff out here!). Lucky me!


This sweet card is by one of my favouritest local superstars Heather Moore // skinny laminx


How sweet is this vase my oulik husband got for me 'and he loved her...'
I think he really does x


I hope you enjoyed my mini tour - unfortunately there's still loads to do!

Be back soon with more :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Lovely post! I really like all the text and wordart. Amazing home. Lucky you! :)

  2. What a gorgeous gorgeous house!! I am totally envious!

  3. Super gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing this!! Loving your home so much!! May I know where do you get your large white cute LOVE sign in the picture where your cat is in it? THANKS! x nattie

  4. Sooo pretty. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Just found your blog, definitely love it!!:)

  6. What a gorgeous place to call home. I love everything about it.

  7. Oh it's just lovely! The last time I read your blog, you were house hunting and longing for a beautiful home of your own. I'm so glad you found it :) I love the little heart mobile hanging next to the gorgeous yellow door; it's a cute touch.

  8. this is beautiful!
    So inspired x
    Your blog is amazing!


  9. I like the gold deers humping on the shelf in the bedroom.

  10. Everything is super duper nice. Jealous

  11. LOVE the yellow door! I wanted to recover my car boot find sofa in yellow but I chickened out… but I could SO do a yellow door :)

    what is the name of the colour?

  12. thank you for all the sweet words :)
    Nattie, we had them laser-cut in Pretoria, some place in town, not sure where... sorry :(
    Monique, they're origami hearts that a good friend of mine folded for our wedding. She folded over 200! Very easy, I'm sure you can find a tutorial somewhere on the interweb :)
    Muzzling, of course you do :P
    Noodle, just had a peak at your blog. LOVE! my dog is called noodle :) she's the one in the top picture facing the camera - awesome name! :) oh and yellow door is the way to go! brightens up even the greyest Cape Town days. Plus, it seems like yellow is the new black :)

  13. Your house looks amazing & your dogs are adorable!
    This is such an inspiring post. We're decorating at the moment...
    Lovely blog, now following :)xx


  14. I would just like to say that this is the most inspiring blog I've been to in a while. Makes me want to change the whole premise of my own.. (www.germandtgeldenhuys.blogspot.com) ! Alas, I do not have the creative eye that you were obviously blessed with. God has given you such an amazing gift for seeing beauty in things that most would not. And it's such a blessing to see that you use it, with such flair and excellence, I might add.
    May your marriage be a prosperous one. And may you experience 'life' in every thing you take on.
    Many blessings from a fellow bunting-lover :)

    Following now. xxx

  15. You have an absolutely gorgeous home, I wish it was my own! :D

  16. I've been DYING for a yellow door but still trying to talk hubby into it :) You have a gorgeous home and a beautiful blog - just found it, yay!

    Carina @ immersedblog.blogspot.com


  17. such prettiness - love it all! hope you are enjoying your new CT home. just stumbled here via pinterest and look forward to seeing more pics on your blog (i've just started one recently so love seeing others for inspiration)

  18. Wow, wow, wow. I'm in love with your blog. You are such an amazing talented designer and photographer. So jealous! I wish you lived in Sunny California!

  19. Your home has just given me so much inspiration! Absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Inspiring stuff! Now just to find some quirky stuff in the Eastern Cape!!!

  21. are those mating deer over your bed? ... that is awesome.


  22. wow. I'm in awe. What a beautiful home!!! thank you for sharing & inspiring!


    I have to have that door mat. Help! Where do you think I can get my design obsessed little fingers on it?! Surely I don't have to fly to Capetown for it(although my mother in law has a whole slew of South African Friends that I might be able to convince to haul one home for me) but do you think it's avail online anywhere? Does it have a brand? It would be PERFECT for my house! You have great taste, so glad to find your blog!

  24. Love your blog! (Found you via Cup o Jo featuring your dogs, and your welcome mat). Nice!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  25. Oh my goodness!! Such cute things here !!

    You can visit me here ! I love visitors !!

  26. The mating deer are the best. where did you find that??

  27. Dear lovely person.

    I have no idea who you are...i followed the trail to your blog off someone elses and im so glad I did...lovely pretty things...will snipes a few pics hehehe...wanted to ask where you found the li'l white vase with the swallow on it? The last picture on the bottom? I NEED it...i'm a li'l obsessed.


  28. Oh friends, thank you for all the sweet comments!
    Unfortunatley the Garden Centre in Cape Town couldn't help me with a supplier name for the Home mat :( Bummer. And there is no label or tag or anything to give me a hint as to where they got it from. Sorry friends! But I'll keep my eyes peeled in case they get new stock!
    @Car, the mating deer were a present from a darling friend. I got it just before my wedding, at my Kitchen Tea :)
    @little miss, the vase was a present from my hubby, I think you might be able to find something similar at the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town.
    Love! x

  29. How cute, what a fun and unique gift! haha
    Have you any idea where your friend got it? I know it's not protocol to ask where a gift came from, but as I said, it's so unique it's hard not to be interested :)