// house hunting sucks

I'm not too sure what I expected from the rental market in Cape Town, but I definitely didn't expect this. When Travis and I decided to move down to Cape Town more than a year ago (just after he proposed), I started dreaming about walking down small coastal streets with my new husband, excitedly looking for our 'huisie by die see', having our pick from the plenitude of beautiful homes available in the Cape ranging from gorgeous 19th Century Edwardian homes to cute Cape Cod style cottages. Oh no. Silly. Romantic. Me.

In the last two weeks three estate agents have made me cry numerous times by showing us 'cute and cosy' cottages that turn out to be horribly tiled and ugly townhouses. And if they show us a beauty (only three so far) ,they either get let right underneath our noses, or the owner actually rather wants to sell, or Travis almost ends up having to arm-wrestle a fellow potential tenant. These are the things my nightmares are now made of. Oh do I miss my beautiful house in sunny ol' Sunnyside now. Sniff.

So today I decided to post beautiful pictures of other people's homes. They make me so sad and so jealous, but they also make me smile. Because I know our awesome Father will bless us and I know I will soon have a beautiful house to nest in and to make HOME.

image from decor8 blog

image from Design*Sponge

image from the design files

image from French By Design

image from desire to inspire

Oh wow. I absolutely fell in love with these kitchens!

image from i want that kitchen

image from my home ideas

And this just made me smile. As long as I have my husband it doesn't matter where we stay. x

image from etsy


  1. Hang in there! The houses down here are difficult to hunt down, especially this time of the year! But there are tons of absolute gems, and your gem will find you :)

  2. ag bekicat!vasbyt!Ihr werdet schon was schoenes finden!Ich denk an euch!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm8

  3. Hi, you don't know me,
    I just wanted to encourage you,
    as you said at the end of your post,
    the Lord got exactly what you need somewhere, and it is just a matter of time.
    I'm living in Mauritius, and each time one of my friend or even me were looking for a new home, it took ages (or feel like !) but each time the Lord gave us exactly what we needed / were dreaming of !
    So stay in faith, keep looking, and trust Him coz He never forget us !
    Can't wait to read the post you will send once the Lord will have provide !

  4. thanks for all the lovely words of encouragement and support x

  5. beautiful pictures! they make me smile too :) I cant wait to have my own place to decorate and mirror my character into...

  6. Hope you find your little home soon.
    God will always lead you to where you belong...always...

  7. Hang in there!
    I hope you are looking at Gumtree every few hours! I was househunting in CT last year for an apartment and that was by far the best resource!
    Good luck!!

  8. Wow those houses do look amazing, I'd love something in that style.
    Hang in there :)

  9. "As long as you are here with me this will feel like home" - this is so beautiful I just sent it to my husband - made me have an emotional moment in the middle of very normal day. Thank you x