// Home is Reitz Street

We are not only counting down the days until our wedding, but we are also counting the days until we move to Cape Town, which is only a few weeks after the wedding. Pssst... we are almost a bit more excited about that :)

But this sadly means that we have to leave our beautiful little home in sunny Sunnyside behind. Which is breaking my heart. So I've decided to do a little project called 'Home is 385 Reitz Street'. I've blogged about our home before, but today I decided to document our beautiful home until the day we leave. This will include all sorts of prettiness from lovely home-styling pictures to pictures of our every-day life we lead here at Reitz Street. I feel like I need to capture our homes strong but gentle embrace around us in these last few months.

Today I will share my two favourite rooms with you and give you a little virtual tour :)

My kitchen is most definitely my favouritest room in the entire house. And I don't necessarily like to cook or bake. I just love it's beautiful yellow tops, it's vintage taps, the awesome cupboards and the most beautiful big window that views onto our little back garden. I love wiping the yellow surfaces every day. I love sitting at the window and watch our brakies play outside.
It is my happy place.


The lounge is the biggest space in the house and has been a problem child for decorating from day one. Since it is a 1940's house, the layout of the lounge is with focus on the fireplace. We had a real problem finding a wall big enough for our television. But then we just gave the telly away and now it is the most airy beautiful room! It has a awesome huge bay window that I love to decorate with cute bunting and gorgeous Oregon floors which make any furniture look awesome. We bought most of the furniture second hand, although I claimed a few great Germany-imported pieces from my great grandmother. It is such a lovely room.


Be sure to check back next week for a virtual tour of the welovepictures Studio and our bedroom! ... x


  1. Wow I love your blog so much! I've literally gone thru the whole thing :) i'm getting married in January and you're really inspiring me so much! flip i wisssssshh you could take photos at our wedding! there are no other photographers in Joburg (or sa for that matter) that are as good.. wowie.

    ps. your house is so sweet. i'd be sad to leave it too.


  2. I'd be sad to leave this too ;-( Can see you have put so much into it! Love your blog! Am following you! Hows this for coincidence... I actually work in Sunnyside! Plus you guys have shot two of my friends weddings, i discovered this while rummaging through the archives of welovepictures blog! Hopefully you can do mine one day ;-)

  3. ODE TO 385

    I've only visited once at 385
    With my sibling, to discuss our sibling shoot vibe
    We loved the ginger beer, quirky bits and more
    Everything from the trunks to decorations galore

    When is your last day?

  4. I can see why your kitchen is your happy place. You have a lovely home, and even lovelier blog :)

  5. Oh it is so deeelightful! Super wondrous!

  6. love 385 reitz street!

    and wondering what those red labelled bottles are in the kitchen? just can't make out the writing.

    also dig the tree picture above the red suitcase, redwoods?

  7. you are just too awesome for words!

  8. I also love your home, and I WANT your kitchen!Maybe we should move to Joburg:)

  9. I love your house! The bay window is lovely and that table with vintage table cloth is just to die for. I want this, all of it :)

  10. Love the big rooster thing!... where'd you get that? Or how did you make it?

  11. oh my goodness, i found you at AT and just loooove your home!!! it's so colorful and lovely!

  12. your home is beautiful! thanks for sharing these darling shots. it seems very open and awe-inspiring <3

  13. your house is gorgeous and full of personality. love it!

  14. I love love your home. Gorgeous. I've tumbled your kitchen. I hope you don't mind.

  15. So unique and colorful and the details are too fun. Such a great home, it must be fun coming home every day!

  16. We love this kitchen so much and featured it on our blog today...
    Have a great day :)
    Lily + Rachel

  17. omg i do really envy you!
    your kitchen is saying:"bon appetit!"
    so retro, so stylish, so "not a cliche"!!!!!

  18. amazing! i love everything. you have a wonderful sense of style.

  19. I love this retro faded cream theme, takes me back to when life was so much simpler!

  20. I've just discovered your blog. This entry is awesome!
    Have a nice day ;)

  21. possibly the most gorgeous kitchen Ive ever seen. x