// love makes me package it x

I love packaging.
I've been having a lot of fun with our DVD Box Sets, which are the final treated pictures that go to our awesome clients as the 'final product'. We always design with the specific client in mind, but I've been 'ribbon-ing' and 'bow-ing' and 'tag-ing' them to make them even more awesome and special for our new friends. These two guys are now on their way to Cape Town and the UK, so I hope they make it to the other side looking this pretty x



  1. jis.jetzt wirst du mir auch 100x tagsmachen muessen bek!dein tool ist awesome!x

  2. Maike, the packaging of our DVD's was so pretty, that I didn't want to open it at all! Had to take tons of pics first. Thanks for all the love you put into it!! xxRiëtte

  3. ah :) thanks riette. love made me do it x we must hang out soon! xxx