//i heart proteas

I love proteas. I have them all over the house. I love their colour. I love their shape. If they had a scent, I'm sure I would love that too. Travis actually planned on proposing at a protea farm. He ended up proposing in our favourite park... the Protea Park.
The protea was named after a Greek god Proteus who could change his form at will. It was discovered by botanists in the 1600 in the Cape of Good Hope... which is where we are moving after the wedding!
I've kept almost every single protea I've ever bought or been given. They are even more beautiful when they are dead... except that they lose their awesome colour. My friend asked me to photograph them for her
(she kinda forced me into it...x). She's in her final year in Textiles and is planning on using them for some designs. I've actually wanted to photograph them for a while, but never found the time. I'm so glad she made me do it x


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  1. Hallooo!!!
    I love proteas too!!!
    I had to do a stamp project.... and used proteas... Never used to like them before that... But now... I just love love them!!!
    PS: Your blog is awe inspiring!!!!