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My awesome friend Lauren got married to my awesome friend AB. They are really awesome. I am very blessed to call them my awesome friends.

This is my awesome friend Lauren on the way to her wedding. She took a bus into our awesome city to get married at the awesome Capitol Theatre. We were there to document this awesome marriage of these two awesome people. It reminded us of how truly awesome they, and the love they have for each other, are. x

Check out welovepictures blog for more pictures from this awesome wedding.

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  1. Hi Maike,

    I live in CT and want to pay for the wedding photos of two friends. I love the way you guys take pictures and set up booths. I know that you're moving to CT from PTA soon. Can you give me a rough indication of how much you would charge for wedding shoot?

    You can mail me at ryogi8 at g mail dot com

    thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon!