// worst blogger award

This is my fourth blog post of the year.

"and... (drumroll please!) the worst-blogger award goes to Maike McNeill!"


So I've been in an ever-changing state of mind that could be described as a mixture of guilt, a little bit of despair and a lot of frustration. In the last few weeks I on numerous occasions considered deleting my blog, I have even made it as far as the "Are you sure you want to delete 'love made me do it' blog" button... but I can't seem to do it.

My biggest frustration is the fact that there just don't seem to be enough hours in my day anymore. Where are the days when all I could think about was blogging about the oh-so-pretty doily bunting flags? When my hours were filled with drooling over pages after pages of inspirational blogs?

I think this is what it feels like to be grown up.

But this week I got an e-mail from the awesome Meg from Apartment Therapy.
She has an awesome new project coming up and for the first time in a long time I had the urge to blog.
I unfortunately can't say too much - I'm not sure how much I can say actually. Mhm.
But for now let's just say it gave me the long-needed and much-appreciated push to start something like a 'project' - oh fun! And thanks Meg :)

So, today's post - which is insanely overdue - celebrates studio spaces.
welovepictures is moving into a brand-new and super-awesome and our very FIRST studio space at the end of this month! HAPPINESS! Today I'm sharing a few of my ideas, dreams and hopes for this awesome space...

More updates to follow soon-soon!





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  1. note to owner of "lovemademedoit" blog:
    # if blog is deleted, serious repercussions WILL follow!
    # if blog is deleted, archival inspiration will be *snatched* from ABSOLUTE fans! :'(
    # if blog is deleted, much sadness will be incurred!

    you INSPIRE, MESMERIZE and TEACH with simply your blog archive!
    Please don't delete...I may be forced to write ANOTHER long speech like this!
    #hoorayforbuntings #hoorayforlovemademedoit! <3

  2. don't delete! ek LOVE jou styl en smaak en manier van praat! ooh that rhymes! thank you for a fun and pretty blog! you rock! be blessed!

  3. i can't get enough of your blog.
    i feel like i re-pin you all day every day..


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