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I thought I should do regular wedding-related posts, and since Wednesday is the day that Travis and I do everything wedding-related, I thought's it is only fitting. Today I'll only share a few pretty pretty pictures that I have saved in my wedding-data-base since Travis and I got engaged almost a year ago. But I hope to do more subject-related posts in the next few weeks (only 10 more weeks!).

I absolutely love this Forget Me Not Wedding Gown by Sarah Seven.


I've been collecting suitcases, since we have a bit of a traveling theme with us moving to Cape Town after the wedding. And they are just beautiful. And since we are starting our new journey as husband and wife. I'm planning on filling them with blooming plants and stacking them on top of each other.
(image via pinterest)

Since we'll be getting married in a field, I hope the atmosphere in the evening will be similar to this.

(image via Oh Happy Day!

I love how they used doilies here...
(image via oncewed)


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  1. ok seriously.. i want to get married after looking at those pics! xoxo