// vespa girl

Meet Domo - our awesome friend and flippen amazing chef that is about to travel the world on...


yes! her Vespa!

We photographed them (her Vespa is pretty much a person) today since they'll be on their way on Monday. Domo has had this dream for more than nine years (God is good!) and now she finally get's to taste (literally) the world. She'll be flying from South Africa to London and from there she plans to travel through Europe, the Middle East and India - working, eating, learning, cooking, eating some more, tasting, laughing (a lot), crying, journalling, photographing, blogging -
and all of this on her Vespa!

I think it's flippen romantic.

She'll have a blog up soon-soon on which she'll be updating us all and we hope that this will be the beginning of a super awesome cook book! I'll keep you posted! x

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  1. hey there... is there a link where i can follow her journey? would be great!! :)